LesDiy Freightliner FLA 9664  Terminator 2 MOC von Mani91 - rebrickable MOC 84847

LesDiy Freightliner FLA 9664 Terminator 2 MOC by Mani91 - rebrickable MOC 84847

Again, about the things that no one needs but are still fun and it's a monster, a monster. I've already built the good piece in a live stream. There were a few problems, let's go into it and see what happens I have a monster for that.

I have boxes from lesbi and so I'm going to show you the friedliner FLA 99664 from the film Terminator 2. This is a mock, now the mock number on rebricable is 68006, which was designed by the designer money 91 from Switzerland and sent to S DIY Licensed or the approval is actually granted and something else. The thing has 2533 parts including remote control, battery box and U4, I think five motors.

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Terminator 2 I can just say that I last saw the film 25 years ago. I'm not a big Handel Schwarzenegger fan
Terminator fan, I know that there are people who love it and that the first two Terminators are always among the top ten action films from the 80s, yes, period, sorry for any lack of knowledge, but it's still a great thing. I was really amazed and I'm going to look through my Lego motors now because it's really amazing when I look at the thing here and the value of this thing is over €1000 at Lego and if we sort it by price then I was really amazed What. The other day I was shown prices here, okay, so the motors alone are listed here, where did I get them? So overall, I think it was just the motors if you take the old Lego motors at 250 euros because such a very good motor somehow costs 90 euros an M engine like that 50 euros what's wrong with you I think I have 12 m engines lying here or something like that I actually have to take a look, I don't want to part with a few servos and so on because it's crazy like the prices for them for these old Power Functions motors.

Then let's take a quick look at Manni's profile. You can see the man has a penchant for big things and you're welcome to take a look through, there are already some impressive models and he also says that this Terminator was one of his first in the size and for that it is excellent from the building instructions right now at lets DIY it is available as a pre-assembled set with parts from various manufacturers there were two things that even build from LEGO [music] here too we don't see any string and but There's no hint either, so we'll get to it straight away, otherwise you know what you've got in the meantime, and I really have to say that they have them and they take yes, a lot has happened with them, you have to say that clearly, more professionalism is slowly coming into play, but we can quickly take a look at what designer money is still available here, just then we see their truck here, which is of course very similar another.

The length is 51 cm, the height is 23 cm and the width is 19 cm.

And what's also included is this motorcycle because I think the T1000 is following this little boy whose name I can't remember right now. That's exactly what we're going to do now. That's a really nice little picture, unfortunately it doesn't stand alone and There's a bit of tension on the bike back there. If in doubt I built it wrong, but let's put a technical motorcycle aside, it's also included.

There are still wheels here that you can turn and then they will click into place like this and then you can adjust the height and of course you can.