MOC-79570 Friends Apartment Review

MOC-79570 Friends Apartment Review

Packed in a printed box, the set with 4642 pieces was sent to me within a very short time. To put it bluntly, however, I'm not very keen on the outer box, as it doesn't allow you to immediately see what product is included and what it might look like when assembled. Unfortunately, this also makes it look less appealing compared to other MOC sets. Despite all this, the product image on the website aroused my interest in the set, especially the possibility of being able to assemble it with additional floors to form a huge sitcom house.

After I opened the box, I received a few bags with terminal blocks sorted by type in order to shorten the time of pre-sorting. The MOC seemed a bit challenging in the pictures, so I was a bit afraid of the instructions, but this subsided within a very short time when I saw the PDF file saved on a USB stick and divided into simple construction steps. While building it, I noticed that there were some color differences between the colors of the terminal blocks and the colors required according to the instructions, but this is a known phenomenon that I can get over.

When it comes to the building process, I was worried that if a particular part went wrong, I would have to disassemble the entire model and rebuild it again. Fortunately, this is not necessary due to the modular design.

The stones are made from a well-made and high-quality ABS material, which allows the individual stones to fit perfectly. The good clamping force also makes the model very stable and, as with other manufacturers, the bricks are of course compatible with all common clamping blocks.

With the set it is possible to build it higher and higher by adding additional floors, which of course makes it look even more impressive. I really like it when there is the possibility of being able to expand a set with additional sets of terminal blocks, I think many of you feel the same way. Just imagine how amazing this would look in your home

So, now let's take a look at the inner workings of the set and start with the first floor. The first floor is a modification of set 21319 from the Danish manufacturer, in which elements from the original set were omitted and new elements were used. After you have built the floor, it is possible to view the floor from above and instead of a normally furnished house, the designer paid a lot of attention to details and made the floor look lively with, for example, a piano or flowers at the same time maintain the connection to the series “Friends”.

The Ground Floor

What surprises me about the upstairs apartments is the fact that they have been extended while retaining the original details, giving a much warmer feel. Although MOC-79570 does not recreate every detail of the apartment from the television series due to the layout of the room, I am impressed by the loving design. In addition to the authentic interior, the exterior of the model also has many fine details, such as street lamps, wall lights, etc.

The Second Floor

The Third Floor

The product uses almost 800 different parts to represent almost every detail of the series. The construction steps and parts are rarely repeated, which greatly reduces unnecessary boredom. As the ultimate perfect version of the original sets, it offers you an unsurpassable building experience.

However, let me now think about what the weaknesses of this MOC set are. One of the less satisfying aspects of this package, aside from the unspectacular outer box, is that it contains no stickers. High quality stickers are often the icing on the cake for such a finished model. So it would be better if stickers were included with the set. Unfortunately, the accessory set only contains a small number of printed stones.

However, there is no denying that the advantages of the MOC set outweigh its disadvantages. And it is significantly cheaper compared to similar Lego MOC sets.

I bought this MOC set from LesDiy ( Klemmbausteine ​​).

A big reason I chose this company is their excellent customer service. Nowadays, many online stores offer poor customer service, which discourages people from purchasing their products. But LesDiy does a good job in this regard. LesDiy promises that if a part is missing after receiving the package, one can contact the website and then a replacement part will be sent free of charge.

So if you are looking for a clamp building block set for street scenes, the MOC-79570 would be a good choice. Please feel free to share with me different ideas and opinions about this product after receiving this MOC set. I look forward to your exchange.