Lesdiy offers free parts for missing or broken parts.

How do I get the parts I need?

Case A. Some parts cannot be found

1. Circle the missing or defective items on the manual and mark the quantity required.

2. Take photos or print screen.

3. Send them to service@lesdiy.de .

Case B. Whole sachets are missing

1. Gather all the bags in the package.

2. Take photos of each bag and photos of the barcode label on the box.

3. Send them to service@lesdiy.de .

Case C. Motors or battery cases do not work

1. Record a video to explain your problem.

2. Send the video to service@lesdiy.de and describe the problem.

3. We will give you the best solution.


1. The free spare parts service remains in place at all times.

2. Any cheat behavior for free parts is not allowed.