Fly into Simon’s B2 Cockpit: Discovering his MOC Design Journey

Fly into Simon’s B2 Cockpit: Discovering his MOC Design Journey

Fly into Simon’s B2 Cockpit: Discovering his MOC Design Journey

A Glimpse into Simon’s World

Meet Simon, a 34-year-old enthusiast from Italy, residing near the picturesque city of Naples of Italy. Beyond his role as a pizza maker, as far as I know, he also has a soft spot for Japanese sushi, Simon's passion lies in the world of My Own Creation (MOC) building blocks.
When he's not crafting intricate models, Simon indulges in various hobbies. His love for video games, anime, movies, and TV series reflects his eclectic tastes. Simon's keen interest in technology and science permeates every aspect of his life, fueling his insatiable curiosity. Outside of these, Simon enjoys astronomy, and following space missions. His diverse interests enrich his life, providing moments of inspiration and relaxation amidst the rigors of his creative pursuits. Therein also resulted in movies, animes, and engineering documentaries serve as Simon's wellspring of inspiration, translating into meticulously crafted MOC military series.

Seeking Inspiration

From a young age, Simon's fascination with engineering and military machinery ignited his creative spark. His early experiments with building blocks laid the foundation for his future endeavors. Over the years, his skills evolved, culminating in his first official MOCs in 2011. The Mil Mi-35 HIND, a stunning set that caused a small sensation, CH-53E, as well as B2 Bomber, epitomes of ingenuity, served as his muse, propelling him towards the realm of model-making. Simon marveled at their intricate designs and dreamt of replicating the magnificence in miniature form.

The Essence of MOC

To Simon, MOC represents the creativity and freedom. While prefabricated models offer convenience, nothing compares to the thrill of meticulously crafting a design from scratch, brick by brick. For Simon, MOC is not just a hobby; it's a form of self-expression and a testament to his ingenuity.
Simon's approach to learning was simple yet effective: trial and error. He embraced challenges head-on, refining his craft through perseverance and determination. Each failed attempt taught him valuable lessons, pushing him closer to mastery.

Designing Process

Design process is meticulous, involving extensive research and attention to detail. He starts by gathering as many images as possible of the model he wants to design, studying them from different angles. The next step is to scale the real model’s dimensions to ensure fidelity to the original. Armed with this information, he meticulously reproduces the real shapes, using bricks to bring his vision to life.

Key Considerations:

Faithfulness to the original model and cost-effectiveness are paramount in Simon's creations. He strives to strike a balance between accuracy and accessibility, ensuring that his models are not only true to the original but also practical for fellow enthusiasts to build.

Time and Effort:

From intricate fighter jets to massive battleships, Simon's creations demand meticulous planning and execution, sometimes taking days or even weeks to complete. Good things takes time for grinding, and we are willing to wait.

Pride in Achievement: 

Among Simon's vast portfolio, the Mil Mi-35 HIND holds a special place in his heart. This design not only reflects his early prowess but also garnered recognition within the MOC community. The HIND represents a culmination of Simon's skills and creativity, serving as a testament to his dedication to the craft.

Overcoming Challenges: 

Despite the difficulty, he relishes the creative process, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. Each obstacle overcome adds depth to his skills, further enriching his journey as a builder. While designing, he also encounters familiar hurdles, particularly in sculpting curves with bricks.

Future Endeavors: 

With a penchant for aircraft and tanks, Simon sets his sights on conquering the high seas. He plans to venture into ship designs, particularly large vessels that pose unique challenges and opportunities for innovation. By expanding his repertoire, Simon aims to push the boundaries of his creativity and skill.

Some Ideas: 

Simon advocates for a broader color palette in brick selection, facilitating more faithful and diverse designs. He believes that access to a wider range of colors can enhance the design process, allowing builders to create even more realistic and captivating models.

Pinnacle of Success

Where many help to gather firewoodthe flames shoot high. Simon's proudest achievement lies in the recognition of his work, which has cultivated a vibrant community around his designs. The support and appreciation from fellow enthusiasts serve as a testament to the impact of his creations.

A Message to Fans

To his loyal followers, Simon offers a promise of more to come. With each creation, he invites enthusiasts to embark on an exhilarating journey of discovery and imagination, ensuring that tomorrow's masterpiece may be just around the corner. By keeping an eye on his journey, fans can witness the evolution of Simon's craft and perhaps find their favorite machine brought to life in stunning detail. To be continued...